Candyland Games

Name: Candyland Games

Number of Players: 2-4 players

Recommended Ages: Ages 5 and over

Average Playing Time: Between 15 and 25 minutes


Enjoyed by children around the world for more than 60 years, Candyland is a popular board game with simple rules and instructions that make it an easy entertainment option for anyone who would like to play.

How to Play

Set up the activity by unfolding the Candyland game board and placing the shuffled deck of 64 cards on the board as marked. Have each of the players select one of the four gingerbread men pawn pieces and place them on the start square of the board. Play starts with the youngest player with turns rotating left from the person who begins the game.

When it is your turn to play, draw a card from the pile, then follow the instructions that it gives you for your journey across the board. A single block of color printed on a game card indicates that you should move your pawn to the next square of that identical color, while two blocks of a color are meant to tell you to move forward to the second next space of that color. Besides color cards you will find that picture cards are also included in this deck that display images from certain spaces on the board. If you draw one of these during your turn, move your pawn to this space, even if it means moving backward on the Candyland game board.

It is important to remember that while this is a race game, it is possible for two players to share the same space on the game board. You will also want to note that when players are pulling cards that they should be placed face up in a discard pile so that they are not confused with unused cards.

On certain areas of the board, you will find that some shortcuts have been included. These shortcuts, known as Rainbow Trail and Gumdrop Pass, are a helpful way to move yourself forward on the game board, shortening your journey.

While shortcuts help you move forward in Candyland, penalty spaces hinder your efforts for a quick win. These penalties are dubbed the ‘Molasses Swamp’, ‘Gooey Gumdrops’ and the ‘Lollipop Woods’ and landing here essentially causes you to be stuck on a particular space until you select a card of a particular color during your turn, at which point you are free to move forward when it comes time for you to draw again.

Winning the Game

In order for players to win at Candyland, he or she must successfully beat all of the other players to the Candy Castle, which is located at the end of the path on the game board.


Unlike most games, no real strategies exist for winning Candyland games due to the random nature of following instructions on cards that are drawn, all players stand an equal chance of winning no matter what level of skill they may or may not have. If you get the chance to benefit from the shortcuts on the board you can easily better your chances of winning, however your chances to use them are also random.

Final Thoughts

Whether you are 7 or 70, Candyland games are a fun way to spend an afternoon. A game that follows simple rules that anyone can follow, no person will feel left out due to a lack of skills or understanding. A short playtime of less than thirty minutes makes it an excellent game for parties that will easily keep the attention of children.

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