Build a Game Room

If you have the money to spend you’ll definitely want to build a game room for your family to enjoy. This room can be anything from a small table for board games to a massive room with billiards tables and pinball tables.

Where to put it

If you have a spare room you might want to build a game room there, or if you want to go about building another room, have at it. Keep in mind that you don’t need a game room, but it sure can be fun to have one.

Let’s look at some tips of what you can put in your game room.

Billiards and your game room

I am a big pool buff. And putting a pool table in your game room can be a great way to have instant access to this sport.

It is also a good way to teach your children how to play. Some of the best pool players today started playing pool when they were only 7 years old. So it is not just for adults.

Some of the best billiards games are.

8 ball – always a classic

9 ball – Good to learn, most tournaments play this

Rotation – Good game for multiple people

Cut throat – Good game for 3 or 5 people to play

Bank, and Honolulu – Very advanced skill is needed for these two


Foosball is always a fun game to play, and practically everyone can learn it in just a few seconds.

Pinball Machine

Call me old fashion but pinball machines can be pretty fun. Some of the newer ones will have some special features like shooting multiple balls at you at once, but mostly I just like them because they are the old time games.

Air Hockey Table

You can never go wrong with an air hockey table. And if you are in the business of building a game room you might as well go all out.

It is basically just a room that you can go to, to relax and have fun.

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