Setting up Family Game Nights

Family game nights can be fun and bring people closer together, but before you play you have to get people to play and decide what to play. Here are some steps you can take to help you set up a game night.

Get people to play

The first thing you need to do is to get people to play games with you. That can often times be easier said than done. Finding time to play with your busy schedule let alone if you have teenagers who have a life of their own.

You can always play on the weekends when you have more free time, as for getting your kids to play, make it fun. Don’t make it some boring old “family togetherness night” make it a fun game night. And remember family game nights don’t have to be just the family.

You can invite other people as well, your friends, your kid’s friends, cousins, ect. The more people that come the better time you will have.

Deciding What To Play

This is partly based on what you like and partly based on your kids. If you have little kids you might want to play games such as war or go fish. If you have older kids you probably want to play something more advanced like risk or monopoly. If you have both, stick to simple yet fun games.


Snacks are always nice. Making some chips and dips, or cutting up some fruit are easy ways to go about this.

No Cheating

Make yourself the person who handles all disputes and if you catch someone cheating set a punishment, like they lose a turn.

Have Fun

When every things set up, people are there, snacks are on the table have fun. Enjoy yourself and make sure everyone else is too.

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