Best Family Board Games

The best family board games are often simple to play. The purpose of family game night is to have quality fun with your children, so you don’t want to be playing games too complicated for little kids to understand.

Simple games work best most of the time. Classic games like Clue and life can bring a fun atmosphere into the room. But I encourage you to also try some lesser known games like Kill Dr Lucky, which sounds bad but can be pretty fun.

Of course if you have older children you might want to play some games that are a bit harder and more complex. Games like Scrabble and Monopoly can be both can extremely educational and help kids form strategies.

In the end every family is different and the best games for family fun may be different for every family. Below, I have listed some of my favories and their rules.

In the end, board games are a cheap and fun-filled way to spend some family time together. A rainy day and the power is out? No problem! Bored kids and you don't want them watching TV? Board games to the rescue!

More board games are being added all the time. Do you have a favorite? Why not let us know by contacting us today!

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