Family Camping Vacations

Family camping vacations can be fun and relaxing. It allows you to get away from the noise of the working world and allows everyone to become one with nature.

We all remember having camping trips when we were younger. Hiking to waterfalls and fishing during the daytime and sitting around the campfire roasting marsh mellow and telling ghost stories at night. And who says we have to stop that just because we are grown up?

Planning a family camping trip is easy to do and will bring great memories for us and our children.

Before you head out look at your family checklist. Do you have….

1. Clothing for you and every member of your family

2. Camping games to play at night

3. Food and water, hard to sustain life without it

4. Snacks don’t forget the marsh mellows

5. Napkins, paper plates, cups

6. Toothbrush

7. Deodorant

8. Shaving equipment

9. Beds to sleep on and sleeping bags, I always forget this one

10. Pots and pans food doesn’t just float above the fire.

11. Anything else like boats, fishing equipment, compasses, flashlights

Good luck and I hope you have fun on your family camping vacation.

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