The Best Outdoor Games

Outdoor games are a great way for you and your kids to get some exercise and have a fun time doing it. Here are some fun games you can play outside.

1. Red Rover

This is one of the best outdoor games for kids provided you have enough people.

The kids split into 2 teams and each team joins together in a line and holds hands with the people next to them.The teams take turns saying, “Red Rover Red Rover send (insert name here) right over”

The person who was called tries to break away from their line and join the opposing team. If they can’t they stay on the same team.

The teams take turns until one team has all the members.

2. Red Light Green Light Game

Who doesn’t like this game? The kids start racing to the finish line while you yell out red light and green light. When you yell Red Light all the kids have to freeze, if they don’t they are disqualified. Then when you yell green light they can start running again.

This lasts until one person makes it to the finish line.

3. Rules of Capture the Flag

If you have enough people and enough land this game is extremely fun. First you spilt everyone up into 2 teams and give each team 2 separate fields.

Each team gets a flag and can hide it somewhere on their side of the field. Once that is done everyone looks for the flag on the other side. The first team to find the flag grab it and come back to their side is the winner.

However, if you are tagged by another player from the opposite team while on their side you have to go sit in jail for 60 seconds.

4. 3 Legged Race

Everyone gets into teams of 2 people. Then each team member has one of their legs tied together with their team mates so that each team has 3 legs.

The teams races and the first one to the finish line wins, easy right? If you said yes you’ve never tried to run with your leg tied to another person’s leg. It can be the hardest of the outdoor games.

5. Scavenger Hunt

If done right this can be my favorite of all the outdoor games to play/make. You hide clues all over the area and give your kids a start up clue to tell them where the next clue is.It turns out to be a clue to a clue to a clue ….. to the finish line.

You could also separate the kids into 2 games and see who can solve the clues the fastest.

6. Frisbee

This game is pretty easy; you simple toss a Frisbee back and forth until one person can’t catch it. When that happens the other person gets 1 point. You might also come up with some creative ways to use Frisbees.

7. Tag

Someone is “it” and goes around trying to tag everyone else. If they do tag someone else that person is “it” and so on.

8. Hide and Seek Game

This game is similar to tag, only the person who is “it” has to close their eyes and count to 100. Everyone else can go and hide until that person finds and tags someone. Then that person is “it” and it starts all over.

9. Krokae

In this game you simply put stakes into the ground and try to go through them to reach your goal. Whoever can reach the end in the least number of shots is the winner. It is kind of like golf only you don’t have to shoot the ball 200+ yards.

10. Lawn Bowling

I just recently learned about lawn bowling. You roll a rubber ball down a field of grass and whoever gets closest to the target wins. Sounds interesting.

Those are just a few of the best outdoor games you can play.

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