Cranium Rules

Cranium Rules

Name: Cranium Board Game

Number of players:The Cranium Rules call for at least four players, but the more the merrier!

Recommended ages: 15 and over

Average playing time: It varies based on how much o the board you decide to play.


The Cranium rules are simple and easy to understand, that makes the cranium board game a perfect way to have a family game night. So how do you play?

Set Up

Everybody breaks up into two or more teams. Each team chooses a starting player piece and puts it on the Purple Planet Cranium. Next get out the Timer, dice, and the tub of cranium clay.

Playing, Cranium Rules

The person whose birthday is coming up next goes first. On your turn you gets to do an activity. The team to your right draws the character’s card and gives you the activity, (follow the instructions on the card).

If your team was successful you may roll a dice and move to the next available spot with that color. If you come up to a Purple Planet Cranium you must stop on it, even if your roll would have taken you past it.

If you did not complete the activity your turn ends without a roll and the team on your left starts.

Character Cards

On your teams turn the team to your right draws a character card from the character box that your team picks. The cards also have different colors and the color that is picked depends on the color of the space you are on.

For example if you are on the purple planet cranium and you choose to play the creative cat character the team next to you will draw from the purple creative cat pile.

Fast Track, Cranium Rules

If you complete your first activity while on the purple planet cranium you can go on the fast track. If not you must stay on the scenic view until you reach the next purple planet cranium.

Club Cranium Card

If someone draws a club cranium card all teams will get the chance to answer a question for a bonus roll.

Each team can have one member draw clues on a piece of paper; these may not be letters, symbols, etc. And no talking is allowed by the clue giver.

The first team to answer the question correctly gets to roll the dice and move. After that it goes back to the team whose turn it originally was.

If your team is on the purple planet cranium and you get it right you may move onto the fast track. If you get it wrong it will not count as your first attempt, so you may still move onto the fast track by completing the next activity.

Cranium Circle

When you are in the Cranium Circle your team may move counterclockwise onto different characters until you complete all activities.

You still can answer one question per turn; if you get it right you keep the card and move one space clockwise. If you get it wrong you stay on the same spot.

If you win a club cranium challenge while in the cranium circle you may keep the card. Once your team has one card per character you can move into cranium central where your team will have to complete one activity to win.

Winning the Cranium board game

You win the cranium board game once you complete the activity in the cranium central.

Final Thoughts

Cranium is a outstanding game and one that has a rabid following. There's good reason for this, as it's probably one of the primary board games everyone should have in their game closet. The next time you have a group of people over, pull out Cranium and watch everyone have a great time!

Remember to have fun!

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