Crocodile Dentist Review

Crocodile Dentist is a fun game that involves the players becoming a dentist for a crocodile with a tooth ache. Parents might remember this one from their own childhood; though today's version is a bit different than the one we grew up with.

Game Specifics

Ages: 4 and up
# of Players: 1 or more
No Batteries Required!

In the old version, the teeth were actually separate pieces an you had to pull them out. Each player takes turns pulling and some of the teeth were bad teeth. If you tried to pull out a bad tooth, the crocodile would come towards you and close its mouth.

The new version was made more for travel and toddlers. In the new version, the teeth stay attached (no pulling them out or losing them!). Instead, you have to press on each tooth to see which one is causing the crocodile some pain. Find the bad tooth and the crocodile jumps forward and snaps at your hand!

The game is made with toddlers and small children in mind, so there's no need to be concerned that the bite will hurt. With the addition of the permanently attached teeth, this one is safe for even very young kiddos. That's not a recommendation I'd have made with the old version.

How to Play

Crocodile Dentist is a simple game, and can be played with a single person or as many people as you like.

First, you open the crocodiles mouth. When you do this, it causes a random tooth to be the "bad tooth". Then, the players take turns pressing on a single tooth. Sooner or later the "Bad Tooth" will be pressed and the crocodile will jump forward! At that point, the person who pressed the "Bad Tooth" sits out and the game continues after the mouth is opened again.

Tip: If all the teeth are pressed except for the last one that everyone "knows" is the "Bad Tooth", then I usually say that we start the round over again. It's never fun for someone to be forced to press the "Bad Tooth" just because it's the last one available. Start over again and keep playing!


Crocodile Dentist is a fun game that can provide hours of quality entertainment. With the new version of the game being so portable, it opens up even more possibilities. Take it with you on your next vacation and give the kiddos something fun to do in the car or in the hotel.

A word of warning - Evidently quite a few people are saying that this version is also more fragile than the old, larger version. That's to be expected with a smaller game, but I'd still be careful and keep it in its original box when travelling or not being used.

Remember to have fun!!

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