Dont Break the Ice Game

The dont break the ice game is a great game that you can play with younger kids. This game is simple to play and kids love it. You will too!

The object of the game is to knock out as many blocks of ice as you can without causing the bear to drop through the ice. This is done with the small plastic hammers that are included with the game. Think of it as a "Jenga" type game, but you have hammers instead of being able to use your fingers. Starting to see the problem yet? ;)

Each of the players take turns breaking out the ice cubes and hope the polar bear in the middle does not fall down. When the polar bear in the middle falls down then the play ends and you can reset the cubes if you are going to play again. It doesn't take long to put the cubes back in and set the bear on top of the ice again. This means that it's a very fast game to play and you can play it multiple times in a very short period.

Much like Jenga, there's just one person who loses (the one that causes the bear to drop) and everyone else wins. Though there's only two hammers included, you can have as many players as you like.

Also a fun little fact about the Dont Break the Ice game - The polar bear in the middle was originally an ice man on a chair. At least that's how I remember it from when I was a kid.

A very fun game that you can get for cheap these days! Just remember.... Don't break the ice!

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