Dont Spill the Beans!

Dont spill the beans is a game that's been around for quite a few years. Parents will often remember playing it as children themselves!

The object is to not spill the beans from the pot! Sounds easy, right? It would be, except that the pot is top heavy and balancing those beans becomes vital!

Game Specifics

Ages: 3 and older
# of Players: 2 or more

How to Play!

First off, the beans are divided evenly between the players. They then take turns putting a bean inside the pot. Though it starts off simple, each bean causes the pot to tip more and more. Pretty soon, the players are being very careful to place their beans in a way that won't overbalance the pot! Inevitably, the pot will tip over. The goal is to not be the person who causes that to happen! The person who does make the pot tip loses and everyone else wins.

This is one of those games that is best to be used at home on the floor or on a table. Sometimes the beans go a little crazy when they spill, so make sure you don't lose any! I'd highly recommend not opening this one in the car! ;)

Another fun way to play - Try letting one person stack beans and count them as they place them in the pot. See how many they can successfully put in there until it tips. Then, have the other people try to beat that record. It's a way to involve the whole family and put a little competition into the game!


You can get Dont Spill the Beans for extremely cheap these days because it's an older game that lacks all the bells and whistles of the newer generation. That being said, there's a reason it's still around after multiple decades. That's because it's so fun! Kids of all ages will enjoy this one!

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