Double Solitaire

Double solitaire is a way to play solitaire, except with 2 people instead of just one. The game does require two decks of cards and 2 people.

Set Up

Each player has their own deck, shuffles it and then lays the cards down in a 7 card row. The top card in each row is put face up and each row has 1 more face down card underneath the top card then the row before it, for example the first row is 1 card face up, the second row has 1 card face down and 1 card face up, the third has 2 cards face down and 1 face up, etc.

Each player should have their own set up.


The person with the lowest card face up on the field goes first. If there is a tie whoever has the lowest card on 2 piles moves. You play by normal solitaire rules, by moving cards around in your layout, moving cards from your deck to the lay out, or by moving cards from your deck or your layout to the field.

When you can no longer move or choose not to your turn ends and your opponent makes a move. The first person who puts all of their cards on the field wins. If neither player can do that the one who moved the most cards to the field wins.

Moving cards in double solitaire is the same as moving cards in normal solitaire.

The Layout

You can put face up cards on top of other face up cards provided it follows a descending order and is the same suit, for example 9 of hearts on 10 of hearts. When there is no face up cards on a pile you may flip the top face down card up. When there are no face up or face down cards on a pile you may put a king to start a new pile.


You may use cards in the deck provided you draw 3 at a time and can only us the top card of those 3.

The Field

When you find an Ace you may put it on the field, once the Ace is on the field you may put other cards of the same suit on the field provided it goes in ascending order. (EX. Ace diamonds, 2 diamonds, 3 diamonds.) When all cards are on the field you win.

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