Electronic Catch Phrase Junior

Electronic Catch Phrase Junior is another version of the ever-popular Catch Phrase Game and Electronic Catch Phrase. As should be evident by the title, this one is for the younger players out there.

Game Specifics

Ages: Recommended 8-12 years old
Recommended Players: 4 or more, and the more you have the more fun it is.
Batteries Required: 3 AAA Batteries (and not included)

How to Play

As I did on the Electronic Catch Phrase version, I'll point you over to the write-up I did for the original Catch Phrase Game. There I give a brief overview of the rules and how a standard game is played. In the interest of not repeating myself, just click on the above link if you have any questions about how to play Catch Phrase.

As I mentioned in the beginning, this version takes the Electronic Catch Phrase game and makes it into something more kid-friendly. Anybody who has played the board game version of Catch Phrase and then the Electronic version knows why this was necessary. One of the primary complaints I (and many others) had with the Electronic version is that the difficulty really went up compared to the board game. Whereas kids could enjoy the majority of the phrases on the board game, the electronic version often made them skip a phrase that was too hard or that they couldn't understand.

Thankfully, Parker Brothers listened to the many complaints and came out with this version - Electronic Catch Phrase Junior.


In terms of great games for a large group of kids, this is one of my favorites. I love how the adult version of Catch Phrase allowed kids as young as 12 to participate. Now, you have an option for even younger players to join in as well.

If this game is taken out for a birthday party or something similar with a large group of kids, I would suggest that an adult referees the first game or two before turning the kids loose. One possible rule would be that the disc must be "handed" to the next player rather than thrown. When playing the adult version of this game, even full-grown adults can go crazy. You'll want to keep an eye on the younger players as they're sure to be having a blast.

Remember to have fun!

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