Guess Who Game

The guess who game uses the process of elimination in order to determine who someone’s player is. It can be very entertaining.


Each player will have a board with different pictures of different people. Each of these people will have different characteristics, like hair color, eye color, gender, etc.

Also each player gets a picture of 1 person from the board. Your goal is to figure out who your opponent has before she figures out whom you have.

On your turn you can ask 1 characteristic of the person, for example, “does he wear a hat” your opponent can either say yes or no. If she says yes then you can eliminate all people not wearing a hat, if she says no then you can eliminate all people wearing a hat.

You take turns going back and forth until someone can Guess Who their opponent has.


Whoever guesses their opponents picture first is the winner.


When you start try to ask general questions that will eliminate a large group of people. The more you can eliminate the faster you can figure out who your opponent has.

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