The Hearts Card Game Rules

The Hearts card game rules are simple to follow and you can play it with just a standard 52 card deck. You also need 4 players.

Setting it up

You set the game up by dealing clockwise until all of the cards are used up.

Passing Cards

You can also pass 3 cards face down to other players.

1. On the first hand you pass 3 cards face down to the person on your left.

2. On the second turn you pass 3 cards face down to the player to your right.

3. On the third hand you pass 3 cards face down to the player across from you.

4. On the fourth turn you don’t pass any cards. This pattern repeats itself until all cards have been passed.

Playing, hearts card game rules

Whoever has the 2 of clubs goes first. The first person plays 1 card of 1 suit; all other players must play a card of the same suit if possible. If you don’t have a card from that suit you can play another card.

Whoever has the highest card wins that point and gets to lead the next hand.

You cannot play a heart unless either a heart has been played before or you have nothing but hearts.


In this game getting points is bad. For every hand you win you get 1 point. Also each heart that is played is 1 point and the Queen of Spades is 13 points.

The game continues until 1 player has 100 points or more. When that happens whoever has the least amount of points wins.

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