Hide And Seek Games

Hide and Seek games are some of the oldest types of games that children have played. Before the days of Playstations and even soccer balls, kids knew how to have a good time with these types of games.

Here are just a few of the variations that have been played over the years. Maybe you'll spot one that you've never seen before!

Hide and Seek

Ah, the classical game!

First someone has to be “it”. This person starts off in a place designated as the safe zone. Everyone else has to make it back to this zone without being tagged by the person counting. First, the person who is "It" counts out loud to 30. This gives everyone else the chance to pick their hiding spots.

After the person who is “it” counts he/she gets to look for the other players. If the "It" person can find someone else and tag them they are now “it” and the game starts all over.

If he/she can’t find them and they run to the “safe zone” the person who is “It” remains “It” and the game starts all over again.


Among the hide and seek games, this is a very popular variation. Probably not suitable for the youngsters, the name can be changed to "Helper's Hide and Seek" and the person playing the zombie can remain as "It".

In this variation, the first part is played out like normal. The person who is "It" though is instead called the "Zombie". They count out loud to 30 while everyone else goes and hides. Then the "Zombie" moans and shuffles around trying to find the other players before they reach the safe zone. If the "Zombie" tags another player, that player then also becomes a "Zombie"! Now there are two Zombies trying to find the other players!

The game continues until everyone has been turned into a Zombie or all of the remaining players reach the safe zone.

Flag Hide and Seek

This hide and seek variation is sort of like Zombies, but one of the players who hide is given a flag of some sort. The flag can be a rag or even an old shirt, it just needs to be a bright color that's easily seen. The person who has the flag must have it visible. An easy way for this to happen is to put part of it on their back pocket and let the rest of the flag hang down behind them like a tail.

The game starts as normal and everyone runs and hides. The person who is "It" then tries to find everyone else before they make it back to the safe zone. Everyone who the "It" person tags is then recruited to help look for the flag carrier. If the flag carrier is tagged, or if they make it back to the safe zone, the game is over and the flag carrier wins.

Group Hide and Seek

This one is also called "Sardine Can" or "Sardines" among those who like to play this version of Hide and Seek games. You'll understand why in just a few minutes. ;)

The game begins just like a normal version of Hide and Seek, except that only one person hides while the rest of the group stays and counts to 30. After that, the entire group breaks apart and tries to find the one hiding person. When a player finds that person, they quickly jump into the hiding place also! As more and more people find the hiding players, they also have to join them in the hiding place. You can see that this hiding place gets very crowded very quickly! The last person to find the hiding place loses!

There are literally hundreds of different hide and seek games, but hopefully you've found one here that looks fun. If you have any others, please feel free to tell us all about it! If it's a new and original way to play, we'll put it on here for everyone else!

Remember to have fun!!

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