How to play Blackjack!

Name: Blackjack

Number of players: When learning how to play Blackjack, the recommended number of players is one to five

Recommended ages: the minimum age for many online casinos is 18 years. Players in brick and mortar casinos will generally have to be 21

Average playing time: About one minute for one hand. It goes quick!


Blackjack is one of the most popular card games both in the casino and online, and it is one of the few games of chance offering the average player a real opportunity to parlay a modest buy-in into a sizeable stack of chips.

How to Play

The numbered cards are counted at their face value: a three of spades counts as three, a five of diamonds as five, and so on. The king, queen, and jack each count as ten. The ace can be counted as either a one or a ten, depending on how the player wants it to be counted in a given hand.

Remember that in learning how to play blackjack, you are playing individually against the dealer, never against other players.

If you are happy with the cards that you have been dealt, you signal that you wish to “stand” with what you have and do not want any more cards.

If your total card count is low and you want to increase your score, you signal that you want to be “hit” or be dealt another card. With no limit to the number of additional cards you may receive, you can continue to request a “hit” so long as you do not “bust” by going over 21.

Whenever you are dealt two cards that have the same value, such as a pair of fours, you may choose to “split” your hand. Once you signal your desire to spit your hand, you make another bet equal to the size of your original bet, and play both hands one at a time. Splitting is always your choice, you don’t have to split if don’t want to.

Winning the Game

The object of the game is to beat the dealer’s score without going over 21. If you exceed 21, you “bust” and have lost that hand.


You can effectively reduce the “house” odds and increase you own odds by following a basic strategy. This doesn’t mean that you will win every hand, but your percentage of losing should decline if you stick to the basics.

One very basic strategy when you learn how to play blackjack is to “stand” whenever your card count totals 17 or greater. The odds of busting with an additional card when you are already showing 17 are greater than the odds of your not being able to beat the dealer’s hand. In fact, many dealers are required to stand on a 17.

Final Thoughts

One you have a good understanding of how to play blackjack, you are ready for a few tips to increase your enjoyment, and with a little bit of luck, your winnings.

Get the most out of your gaming budget. You need to know in advance how much you can afford to lose. Too many beginning blackjack players get caught up in the excitement of the game, and start daydreaming about what they will do with winnings that haven’t even been won yet. Gambling is still a gamble, and the smart player knows when to hold them and when to fold them, as Kenny Rogers once sang. Play smart, know your limits, and have fun.

Once you have learned the basics of how to play blackjack, remember that not all online casinos are created equal. Shop around, and learn about the different rules of play. Many online casinos allow you to play for free until you feel comfortable playing with real money. Take advantage of this option to refine your blackjack skills and strategies.

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