Kill Dr Lucky!

Name: Kill Dr Lucky

Number of players: between 2 and 8

Recommended ages: 10 and over

Average playing time: up to an hour or depending on number of players


Unlike other board games, Kill Dr Lucky has a very different approach to the murder mystery genre. Instead of trying to catch who committed the murder your goal is to kill Doctor Lucky. At first glance it seems an easy enough task but he is not called Dr. Lucky for nothing! It will take many attempts by all the players before the doctor meets his demise and the first player to out smart everyone else and corner Dr. Lucky all alone to commit the deed will win the game. The obstacles you face will make you laugh as well as frustrate you but if you are luckier than Dr. Lucky you will be the winner.

How to Play

The game board comes with a plan of the mansion with 32 rooms but only 24 are named rooms with six hallways and two stairways. Although the stairs and hallways are not named they still count as rooms. You can kill Dr Lucky in any room. The rest of the game pieces include:

  • A deck of 96 cards
  • A pawn for Dr. Lucky
  • Pawns for up to 8 players
  • 30 spite tokens

All the players start in the drawing room, including Dr. Lucky. The winner of the last game will deal the cards starting to the left with the cards face up until a room card appears. The first player with a room card will go first and Dr. Lucky will be placed in that room.

The dealer then shuffles the cards and hands them out. The starting hand for two to three players is eight cards, four to five get seven cards, six to seven get six cards and for anything above seven it is five cards. When it is your turn you can try to kill Doctor Lucky, play a move card, take a step or draw a card. The only time you can draw a card is in a named room, if you haven’t played a card and attempted to kill the doctor. Every time you fail to kill Dr Lucky you will receive a spite token which will give you a +1 on every other attempt during the game.


Winning the Game

You win the game when you are in a room alone with the doctor so you can kill him without any witnesses.


The failure cards play an important role because it can stop other players from committing the crime. Once the failure card is played it can not be reshuffled into the deck again because each failure card can only be played once during a game. Another strategy you can use to draw the failure cards from your opponents is by making more attempts to kill Doctor Lucky. This will draw the failure cards from the other players which will eventually leave you and the doctor alone in a room.

Final Thoughts

Kill Dr Lucky lets you pretend to be on the other side of the law every time you play the game. It provides hours of entertainment for young and older adults. The only drawback is the violent nature of the game may not be suitable for all children, although the failure cards do provide some humor and balance. Messages such as “you are frozen in place by the garish melody of a passing ice cream truck”, “your thoughts turn to a misspent youth”, “while sneaking up on the doctor you are overcome by the urge to sing” and “you question your freshness”  cheers up the mood to an otherwise serious subject.

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