List of Poker Hands

Knowing the list of poker hands can save you some serious embarrassment when you go all in, hoping a flush beats a full house. So here they are from lowest to highest.

High Card – You don’t have anything, not even a pair. At this point the highest card in your hand is your "High Card". If the other players don't have anything either, the player with the highest card "King, Ace, etc." is the hand winner.

A Pair – you have two of a kind. For instance you have two 8's, two jacks, etc.

Two Pair – you have two, two of a kinds. For instance, if you have two 8's and two 5's, you have two pair.

Three of a Kind – You have three of a kind, for instance three Kings, or three 5's.

A Strait – Your cards go in order, for instance 7,8,9,10,J.

A Flush – You have at least 5 of 1 suit, for instance 5 hearts.

A Full House – You have a three of a kind plus a pair, for instance three Kings and two 5's.

Four of a Kind – You have four of one kind, for instance four Queens.

A Strait Flush – you have both a strait and a flush in one hand, for instance 8,9,10,J,Q and they are all hearts.

A Royal Flush – Is the same as a strait flush only it is as high as it goes, for instance 10,J,Q,K,A and they are all of hearts. The best poker hand there is!

That’s it! I hope this helps someone out there and I've even created a downloadable pdf with these listed.

There are four sheets per single page; so print it out, separate them, and you can pass them to everyone who needs one!

Have fun!

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