Payday Board Game

The Payday board game is similar to monopoly, only instead of being huge investors you are the average worker. You get a paycheck, pay bills, win lotteries and more. Here are the official rules to play.

Set Up

The first thing you need to do is decide how many “months” you are going to be playing, this will determine how long you will be playing, so if you are only playing 2 months it will be a very short game, if you are playing 4-6 months or more it will be a very long game.

After you decide how many months you will play you shuffle the cards and put all players on start. Each player gets $3,500, in the following way 2 $1,000 bills, 2 $500 bills and 5 $100 bills. The last thing you need is to decide who will be the banker and the loan officer.

Playing the Payday Board Game

Each player takes turns rolling the dice and moving that many spaces. You must follow the instructions on each individual space.

When you land on payday you receive $3,500 minus all expenses and loans. You cannot skip payday.

Getting a loan

You can take loans at any time to pay off anything. Loans must be taken in $1,000 increments. You will be charged a 10% fee on any money you have borrowed when you land on payday.

Cards of the Payday Board Game

If you land on the dealer space you can draw a Dealer card which allows you to buy an item if you wish. If you wish to buy it, you pay the bank and keep the card if you don’t buy it you can put it on the bottom of the deck. (Note if you land on found a buyer you can sell these cards for a profit otherwise they are worthless).

A pay a neighbor card lets you choose which player to pay the set amount on the card.

The mad money card lets you choose which player has to pay you the set amount on the card.

The charity means that the set amount on the card is placed in charity.

Spaces of the Payday Board Game

Sweepstakes - gives you $5,000

Radio Contest - lets all players roll starting with the player who lands on the space for a chance to win $1,000. The first player to roll a 3 wins.

Happy Birthday - It’s your birthday all players give you $100.

Lottery - If you land on this spot all players can buy a lottery ticket for $100, the bank puts $1,000 into the pot as well. Then each player who bought a ticket chooses a number in-between 1-6. The player who landed on lottery rolls and the winner takes the pot.

Yard Sale - You roll the dice and pay the bank $100 times the amount shown, than a deal card is given to you.

Found a Buyer - If you land on this spot you can sell a deal card for a profit.

Walking For Charity - All players except for the one who landed on this space roll a dice and pay $100 times that amount to charity.

Other Charity Events - Pay the amount shown to charity.

Jackpot - If you roll a 6 you win the Jackpot which is all the money in charity.


After all players have played a predetermined amount of months, the player with the most money and/or least debt wins.

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