Pictionary Rules

The Pictionary rules are easy to follow and fun to play. Of course you are going to do better if you can draw, but it can be a fun game even if you can’t.

You are going to need the board game. If you don’t know how to play here are the rules

Set Up

Put the cards, board, and timer in the middle of the table. Divide everyone into equal teams.

Each team should also have a pad of paper and a pencil and they should have a token that starts on the start square of the board.


When it is your turn whoever is the drawer draws 1 color card that is the same color as the color of the square your teams token is on. The drawer gets 5 seconds to look at the word and come up with a strategy.

After the 5 seconds are up they have 60 seconds. In that time period they have to draw and get their team mates to guess the word they have picked. If they can get their team mates to guess in that time they get to roll the dice.

You move your piece forward however many spaces the dice says and they you get to play again. You keep playing (resetting the timer each time) until your team cannot guess the word. When that happens the next team takes their turn.


The first team to make it to the other side of the board and guess the word correctly wins.

The official Pictionary rules also State the following.

• It is ok to use many pieces of paper.

• An "X" can be used to cross things out or locate something but not as a letter.

• Identically sounding words can be used to guess the correct word. For example: "mail" can be drawn for "male."

• Secret or pre-arranged clues are against the rules. These include drawing an ear for "sounds like" or lines to indicate the number of words to be guessed.

• The exactness of an answer should be determined by teams before the game starts like allowing plural words for singular words, etc.

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