Qwirkle Board Game!

Name: Qwirkle

Number of players: up to 4

Recommended ages: 6 and over

Average playing time: at least 45 minutes

A board game that came on the market in 2006, Qwirkle quickly received a number of awards, such as the Parents Choice Gold Award, the Major Fun Award, and the Mensa Select Award. While not taking as long to play as a game of Monopoly, it does require a fairly long attention span as it involves tactics and strategies to move and win.


Consisting of 108 wooden blocks in six different shapes and six different colors, this simple game is an easy game to learn and offers children a fun way to train their brain to think differently. Qwirkle only requires you to create a chain of blocks that share the same shape or color, however, you need to think strategically to gain points and win the game.

To play the game, you must create patterns by placing the wooden tiles in a straight line and each line must portray the same characteristics, such as a circle or the color orange. When it is your turn, you score points for the number of tiles in the line to which you add. In other words, if three circles are already down and in a straight line and you add a fourth circle to the line, you receive points for each tile down, which in this case is four points.

  • Before you can start the game, you must gather writing materials to keep score.
  • Players have to line up the six blocks they pull from the bag in front of them.
  • The player with the most blocks of the same color or shape starts the game and the rotation of who is next can go either clockwise or counter-clockwise.
  • Player number one starts the game by laying down the similar tiles to make the first line, upon which the other players add their blocks and obtain their points.
  • No player can put the same tile in the same line twice. For example, if a line has a blue circle no one can add another blue circle to this same line.

If you happen to get lucky and use up all six of your tiles in one turn, you receive a point for each block you put down plus an additional six points. At the end of each turn, you have to replace the used tiles by pulling more tiles from the bag, as you should never have more or less, than six tiles. When the bag is empty and all of the tiles are on the board, the player with the most points wins that game.

Final Thoughts

Fun for almost any age, this simple board game has high consumer ratings, is fun for the whole family, and keeps your kids from engaging in mindless tasks, such as watching television or playing video games. This new board game can help bring back quality time in your house and if you really enjoy this strategic game of planning or already have it and are ready for something new, you can try Qwirkle Cubes, also from MindWare.

This three-pound box of blocks is affordable for any budget and is available online or in toy stores at prices of $25 or less. It makes a great holiday or birthday present, is easy to store, and is a game that you and your family can enjoy over and over again. Qwirkle offers an educational experience as well as fun moments with friends and family at home or on the go.

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