Risk Board Game Rules

We've been getting a lot of requests for the Risk Board Game Rules. If you're looking for the rules, you probably already known what the game is, but we're going to cover it anyway just in case. The premise of the game is simple: Every player is trying to take over the world and defeat all other rulers. Below is how you play.

Set Up

The Game Consists of 6 sets of playing pieces (each a different color), a 44 card deck, 6 dice (3 black, 3 white), and the board which has a map of the earth and divides it into different territories.

Each player chooses a set and then a dealer takes out the trademark card and 2 jokers (the cards with 3 figures) from the deck. Next the dealer deals the cards clockwise until all cards are gone.

Each player flips over their cards and puts 1 army on each territory that they own according to the corresponding cards they hold. Finally the players give their cards back to the dealer who shuffles them in with the 2 jokers.

How to Play, Risk Board Game Rules

Your turn consists of 4 parts

1. Getting Troops

At the beginning of your turn you get 1 army for each 3 territories you own, fractions do not count and are rounded down. You must get at least 3 armies even if you own less than 9 territories.

If you occupy all territories on a given continent you get additional armies based on that continent. According to the Risk board game rules, these are as follows:

Asia – 7 armies

North America – 5 armies

Europe – 5 armies

Africa – 3 armies

South America - 2 armies

Australia – 2 armies

You may place these on any of your territories.

2. Attacking

Once you receive your armies you may attack another player if you wish. In order for you to attack you must have a territory with more than 1 army on it in an adjacent spot to the territory you are attacking. For example india may attach china. You may also attack oversea’s if you are parallel to another territory.

An example of this is Iceland attacking Greenland.

When you attack you say the territory you are attacking and from where. Then both players receive dice to roll. The attacker must have at least 1 more armies then they have dice, for instance if you have 3 armies you can either roll 1 or two dice. The attacker cannot roll more than 3 dice regardless of how many armies they have.

The defender can either roll 1 dice if they only have 1 army on the territory, or 2 dice if they have 2 or more armies.

The highest from both players roll is examined, if the attacker’s high dice is higher than the defenders the defender loses 1 army. If the defenders dice is equal to or higher than the attackers dice then the attacker loses 1 army.

If both players rolled at least 2 dice then the 2nd highest dice is considered as well. For example if the attacker rolls 6, 4 and the defender rolls 5, 3 the defender loses 2 armies because the 6 is higher than the 5 and the 2 is higher than the 3.

But if the attacker rolled 6, 1 and the defender rolled 5, 3 then both players lose 1 army because 6 is higher than 5 and 3 is higher than 1.

You may attack as many times as you wish provided you have the armies to do so.

3. Capturing

When an attacker has defeated the all armies on a territory they capture it by moving at least 1 army for every dice they rolled onto the new territory. You may choose to also place additional armies on the territory from other territories you own as long as you leave at least 1 army on every territory.

If you capture at least 1 territory you may draw 1 card. You may never draw 2 cards on a turn.

4. Free Move

At the end of your turn you may move armies from 1 territory to another.


According to the Risk board game rules, the cards are very important. Whenever you capture a territory you may draw a card (max 1 card per turn). The territories on the cards are ignored and only the black figures are important. You can only hold 5 cards in your hand at a time and you can play them when you have 3 of any of the following combinations.

1. 3 horsemen

2. 3 cannons

3. 3 foot solders

4. 1 of each

5. Any 2 and a joker

When you play a set you get armies based off of how many sets of cards have been played by all players. If you play the first set you get 4 armies.

2nd 6 armies

3rd 8 armies

4th 10 armies

5th 12 armies

6th 15 armies

7th or higher +5 for each, (ex 20,25,30,…)

When you eliminate a player you receive any cards they are holding.

Winning, Risk Board Game Rules

You win when all other players have been eliminated.

Risk is a great game and there's a reason it's so popular. I can't count the number of times that I and my friends played this while in the military. Hopefully the next generation will enjoy it just as much as I did. I hope these Risk board game rules have helped!

Remember to have fun!

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