The Game of Life Rules

The game of life rules attempt to imitate real life. In this game you can graduate college, get kids, buy stock, houses and so on.

Everyone picks a car and a little person to go in the car. This is your game piece put that on start.


To move you spin the spinner and move that amount. You must move forward.

When you start playing you can choose to either go to college or start your career. If you go to college it takes more time and you will have to pay off a big debt. But you will be making more money. If you do go to college you borrow $40,000 and will have to pay back $50,000 at the end of the game.

Choosing a career

The career cards and salary cards are separated into college careers and non college careers. When you get to job search you stop and pick a career.

You can pick 3 career cards from the pile and decide to keep 1 of those three.

Space colors

There are 3 colors that all spaces are. According to the game of life rules here is what they mean.

1. Orange – When you land on an orange space you must do what it says

2. Blue – When you land on a blue space you can choose to do what it says

3. Red – When you land on a red space you must stop and do what it says even if you still have moves left. You follow the directions then spin again and move.

Life Spaces

When you land on the life spaces you get 1 life token from the pile. You cannot look at the back. If there are no more life tokens left you can take it from another player.

Career Spaces

When you land on a career space you pay the person with that career a specific amount of money. If that person is not on the field you pay the bank. If you are the person, well I guess you pay yourself with your money.

The game of life rules favor police

When you are caught Speeding, or rolling a 10 you must pay the police officer $5,000 in speeding tickets.

Changing your Career

When you either land on the “you’re fired” space or the “mid-life crisis” space you change careers and draw a new career card. You can also choose to go to night school to get a college degree occupation

Other life changes

When you land on Get Married you get 1 life token and put 1 person in your car.

When you land on a baby space you put 1 person in your car, if you have twins put 2 people.

When you land on Buy a House you stop even if you still have more moves. You then draw 1 house card and pay the price of that house to the bank. You can borrow money from the bank if you can’t afford to pay for it.


You can choose to pay for Auto insurance before any of your turns. In which case you pay the bank $10,000 and are protected in case of an accident, damages, or theft.

You can buy home owners insurance when you buy a house. If you do you pay the banker the amount shown on the house card under insurance.

You may take a bank loan before any of your turns. Each loan is worth $20,000 and you must pay $5,000 interest on each loan at the end of the game.

Buying Stocks

You can buy 1 stock for your choice for $50,000 at the beginning of your turn. You can only own 1 stock at a time unless you land on stock market zooms. If that happens you can get 1 stock for free.

Whenever someone spins the number of your stock you get $10,000. So if your number is 2 and someone spins a 2 you make $10,000.

If you lose your stock you can always buy another.

Retirement good old Retirement

When you get to retire you pay back all of your loans. You can either retire to Millionaires Estate or to Countryside Acers. If you go the safe route and go to countryside Acers you collect 1 life token and no life tokens can be taken away from you.

If you go to Millionaires estate you don’t get any life tokens and they can be taken away from you, if another player lands on life and decides to take a token from you.

But the Hasbro The Game of Life rules give some advantages to the millionaires estate. If you retire at Millionaires Estate and are the richest player there you get 4 life tokens.


The game of life rules are simple, whoever has the most money at the end wins. This number is figured out by adding your cash plus your life tokens (each life token has a value on the back side that is why you can’t see it until the ends.

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