Three Card Poker Rules

The three card poker rules make the game fast to play and easy to remember. This game is a casino game that involves a dealer and several players.

Set Up

To set up the game all players have to bet. There are 3 betting circles in front of every player that are labeled Anti, Pair Plus, and Raise. Before you get your cards you must place a bet on either the Anti, pair plus, or both.


Once all players have bet, the dealer, deals out 3 cards to everyone including himself. If you bet on Anti you must decide if you should Raise or fold. If you choose to raise you put the same amount on the raise portion as you put on the Anti.

So if you put $5 on Anti and you want to raise you have to put $5 on raise. If don’t want to raise and just fold you lose your Anti.


Once everyone is done betting, the dealer flips over his cards. If the dealer does not have at least a Queen high all players win. If the dealer has a queen high or better you need to be able to beat his hand to win.

If a player ties with the dealer the player wins. In addition if you played pair plus and had a pair or better you win what you bet on pair plus. If you bet pair plus and lost you lost what you bet on pair plus.


The three card poker rules use different hands then other poker games because the probabilities are different. Here they are from lowest to highest.

High Card



Strait 3 of a kind

Strait flush

Anti Bonus

If you have a strait, 3 of a kind, or strait flush you get a bonus. The amount is determined by the table.

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