The UNO Game Rules

The Uno game rules are some of the easiest rules to follow and make the game very fun to play. All you need is the Uno set and some opponents.

Set Up

Uno comes with 108 playing cards. In order to play you first deal each player 7 cards and the remaining cards become your draw pile.


The top card from the discard pile is put face up on the table. This starts the discard pile. When it is your turn you must discard a card that is either the same color or same number as the previous card.

For example if a green 7 is the top card you must either place another green card from your hand on top of it, or if you have a blue 7 you can play that too, in which case the new color is blue.

If you do not have a card that you can discard you must draw from the deck until you do. Then you discard that card.

uno game Special Cards

In addition to normal color and number card there are a few special cards as well.

Draw two cards These cards make the player after you have to draw 2 cards and lose their turn, unless they have another draw two card in their hand, in which case they can put that on top and make the next player draw 4, and so on. You can always put a draw 2 card on top of another.

Skip Skip allows you to skip the next persons turn. This is especially effective when you are only playing with 2 players because it comes back to you.

Reverse This card allows you to reverse the order in which you are playing. So if you are going clockwise and put down a reverse card you are now going counterclockwise. It is pointless in 2 player games.

Wild can be put down at anytime, except when you have to draw 2, draw 4, draw 6 ….. When you put a wild card down you can change the color to whatever it is you want. So if you have a lot of red cards in your hand you can change it to red and everyone has to play red cards.

Wild Draw Four A wild draw 4 card lets you change the color to whatever it is you want. In addition to that it forces the next person to draw 4. You can put a wild draw 4 card on top of another one and change the color again while forcing another player to draw 8.

Winning The Game

I have always played it where you are the first person to go out you win the game, period. When you have only 1 card left you must call out uno or you will have to draw.

I have heard that there is another way to play it though. You add up the points from all players and give this to the winner. The first player to get over 500 points wins.

The points are as follows

Number cards = you get points based on the number of the card 2 card gives you 2 points.

Draw Two, Skip, Reverse = 20 points

Wild and draw 4 wild = 50 points

I’m not sure which one is the official Uno game rules, but playing 1 game of Uno can take hours, playing first to 500 could take half the day.

Uno game Tips

I like to save my draw 2s and draw 4s to use them when someone plays a draw card against me. That way if we get into a draw 2 war I will not be the one who has to draw 12 or more at the end.

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