War On Terror Board Game

The war on terror board game is a very fun game that is supposed to be a modern version on risk. It involves terrorist, superpowers, and of course atomic bombs.

The thing I really thought was fun about this game was the “secret messages” paper you get. Each player can Wright a message to another player, fold up the paper and hand it to them. Only they can read it.

I remember acting all serious and writing crazy messages like, “oww e oww Killer tofu” and “poo head”. It’s great because everyone thinks you are seriously planning things too.


You have goal at this game is to basically be the last man standing. Which is way easier said than done because if someone gets out and they are taking completely off the board they can come back as terrorist.

You can probably imagine this game can get very long. If it gets too long and there are no terrorists on the board everyone who is left can agree on world peace. In which case “everyone’s a winner”

Personally I haven’t played the The War on Terror board game for a long time, only because I don’t have the game myself. That’s also why I don’t remember the exact rules. But when I finally get around to picking it up it will be fun.

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