Ace Duce

Ace duce or Red dog (as casinos are calling it) is a great card game that can be played with two or more players. To play you need a deck of cards and something to bet with.


First all players put out an anti this can be however much you want it to be.

Next the dealer deals all players with an anti two cards face up. As a player you want the next card to be in between those two cards. For example if the first two cards are a 10 and a K you can only get either a J or a Q on the next hand to win.

If the card is either a 10 or a K it would be a push, and if the cards where any other cards the dealer would win your anti. Once you have your first two cards you can choose to either let your bet stay or to double it before the last card comes.

Why the Name?

When your first two cards are an Ace and a 2 you have gotten very lucky. You can’t lose your money in this case, the worst you can do is tie so go ahead and raise the bet.

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