Ants In The Pants

Ants in the pants is a fun game for parents to play with their toddlers. It is easy to learn though hard to master. If you have a child that enjoys a challenge, this is the game for you!

Game Specifics

Ages: 4 and up
# of Players: 2 to 4

The game consists of two pieces, a pair of pants with a cardboard dog in it (more on that later)and a number of ants. The pants are flat on the bottom of the legs, so the pants actually stand up without help. This is important because the goal is to fill those pants with your ants!

The ants are made of plastic and they have a small tab on the back of each ant. When you push down on the tab, it flips the ant and they will jump up. The object of the game is to get your ants to jump up into the pants.

How to Play!

Everyone sets up their ants and waits for the game to begin. When someone says "Go!", it's a mad dash to flip your ants into the pants as fast as you can. The player that gets all of their ants into the pants, wins!

This may sound simple, but the game can be very challenging. The ants don't always flip straight or very far, so your child (or you!) will probably need to practice quite a bit to get the hang of it. The cardboard dog that fits into the pants is both a help and a hindrance. If the ant hits the cardboard up high, it will sometimes work to your advantage by dropping into the pants. Other times it will bounce right off the dog and you'll need to try again.


This is one of those games that really depends on your child. If they don't mind a challenge, then I'd get it in a heartbeat. Though the box for Ants in the Pants says that it's for ages 4 and up, I'd wait until they're old enough to enjoy a challenge and not get mad when the ants don't behave. Maybe five or six? It just depends on your child.

As a final tip - If you find that the ants just will "not" go into the pants, try removing the cardboard dog. Though it'll be harder to angle the ants correctly, you won't have to deal with the ants bouncing off the cardboard. The target is also larger that way and gives the kiddos something bigger to aim for.

Remember to have fun!

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