Bull Shit Game

The Bull shit game also called I doubt it or cheat in England is a very fun family game you can play on a family game night. Everyone loves this game and people will get into it.

Set Up

To set up the game you deal a standard 52 deck out equally to everyone that is playing. Do not worry if one or more players have more cards then another.


The first player discards Aces face down into the middle of the table, the next player discards 2s face down, then 3s, 4s, …. And so on until you get to kings and then you go back to Aces.

When it is your turn you can put down as many cards face down as you would like as long as they are the right number. So if you are on 7s you can put 3 7s face down and say “3 Sevens”. But what if you are on 7s and you don’t have any, hmmmm.

Since you are throwing cards face down you do not need actually throw away a 7. You can put a 6 and a 4 face down and call “2 Sevens”, as long as no one says anything your good.

But if you or someone else suspects someone of cheating you can say, “bull shit” or “I doubt it” or “cheat” and the other player has to flip over the cards they just threw down. If you were right and they were cheating they must pick up the entire deck of cards.

But if you where wrong and they actually threw away what they said then you have to pick up the cards.

Winning the bull shit game

The first person to get rid of their cards is the winner.


When you cheat make it small. No one will expect you of cheating if you only discard 1 or 2 cards.

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