Clue Rules

The clue rules are very easy to understand. The Clue board game allows all members of the family to act as detectives and try to find out who killed Mr. Boddy.

clue rules on Setting Up

Each player gets to choose 1 piece to move. You can choose to be one of the following.

Colonel Mustard (Yellow)

Miss Scarlet (red)

Mr. Green (green, my favorite)

Mrs. Pecock (Blue)

Mrs. White (White)

Professor Plum (purple)

Place the Suspect Tokens on the starting square that has their name on it. Next place each weapon in 1 room. After you have done that you handle the cards by.

1. Separating the cards into 3 piles, weapons, players, and rooms. Then shuffle each pile.

2. Take the top card from each pile and place them into the envelope marked “case file confidential”. NO PLAYERS can see these. Place it in the middle of the board.

3. Then shuffle the remaining cards together and deal them out to all players evenly, it does not matter if 1 player gets more cards then another.

Each player also gets a detective notebook sheet.


The object of the game is to find out who did it, where they did it, and with what weapon. This is guarded by the “case file confidential” because there should be 1 person, 1 weapon, and 1 room in that envelope.

You can look at your cards and mark down what you have in your detective notebook sheet, because if you have them they can’t be in the envelope and couldn’t have done it.


To move you must roll a dice, you are allowed to move that many spaces. If you can move far enough to enter a room by a door you can enter it.

Once you are in a room you can’t move out until your next turn, but you can accuse who did it, and with what.

the clue rules on suggesting

In order to suggest someone murdered another player you must be in the room you think the murder has occurred, and bring both the player you believe is the killer and the weapon you believe they used into that room.

For example if you are in the ballroom you can suggest Miss White killed him in the ballroom with a candlestick, but you can’t suggest she killed him in the library.

Once you have made a suggestion the other players try to prove you wrong by showing you a card from their hand, they can show you and only you this card. So if someone has the ballroom they can show you this card to disprove you. Make a note of it.

You only need to see 1 card in order to be disproved. So if you were already shown the ballroom and another player has Miss White they do not need to show you.

Clue Rules On Accusing

Once you think you know who, what, where, you can make an Accusation. You do not need to be in the same room that you are accusing, but you must be in a room. If you are right you win.

Different rooms

You can travel to different room in 3 ways.

1. Entering it by a door, in which case you must roll dice to move closer to it.

2. Using a secret passage, some rooms are connected, so you can travel from 1 to another.

3. Someone suggests you, in this case you move to the room they suggested you of being in.

Clue Rules on Winning

If you make an accusation you may look at the cards in the “case file confidential”. If you are right you win the game. If you are wrong you quietly put them back and out you are out of the game, but you can still disprove others y showing them your cards.

Clue board game Tips

Pay attention to other players, if someone keeps accusing Mr. Green they might have narrowed it down to him. Keep that in mind when you think you know the weapon and room.

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