4 Awsome Connect 4 Game Tips

The connect 4 game is always entertaining and it can be played anywhere. Here are some tips for winning at it.

1. Connect 3

Your object is to connect 4 but you can’t do that unless you connect 3 first. Start by trying to connect many rows of 3s that way you only need your opponent to make 1 mistake and you win.

2. Watch for your opponents 3 in a row.

You are definitely going to want to watch out for any 3 in a row pieces your opponent might have. Remember they can be vertical, horizontal, or diagonal so watch out.

3. Be Tricky

If you can try to set it up so that your opponent has to choose which connect 4 to stop. A good way to do this is to set up 3 in a row where there is a free space on either side.

4. Set up critical points on top of each other

A critical point is the point where you need to be to win the game. If you set up 2 critical points on top of each other the game is as good as yours. Because if they try to stop 1 you can just play your piece on tip of their and win.

The Connect 4 Game is great and with these tips you are on your way to winning.

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