Crazy Eights Rules

Crazy eights is a great card game that is played kind of like the game Uno. It also allows for people to be creative so most people add their own rules to the original game.

Set Up

You play the game with a standard 52 card deck. Everyone gets 5 cards (if you are playing with 2 people they both get 7 cards).

The remaining cards are put in the middle and the top card is put face up on the table to start the discard pile.


The person to the left of the dealer starts and the play continues clockwise.

Your goal is to discard your cards onto the discard pile when it is your turn. To do that your card must either be the same rank or same suit as the card that came before it. For instance if the jack of diamonds is the top card you can either put down a jack or a diamond.

If you can’t put down one of those cards you must draw until you can.

You can put down an eight at any time. When you do you have to announce the new suit.

Last Card

You must let everyone know when you are on your last card or you will have to draw 2 more cards as a penalty.


You win crazy eights when you discard all of your cards first. You can also play for 2nd and 3rd after someone has already won.

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