Dont Wake Daddy

Dont wake daddy is a great game for little kids to play and enjoy. All you need for this game is a board and your family.

Set Up

Put the daddy toy on the bed in the middle of the board and make him go to sleep by, pushing him down, so he is laying down on the bed.

Then each player selects 1 colored mover and puts it in the matching colored bed at the start of the track. Remove any extra movers from the deck. Then shuffle and distribute the remaining 16 cards evenly.


The youngest player goes first. They spin the spinner. If you spin

1. A color, move to the first unoccupied space of that color.

2. A purple star, Move your player to the first space in front of the leader. If no one is on the track move your piece to the first spot.

Different spaces There are two types of spaces you can land on.

1. A Plan white space without a picture or number, if you land here you’re safe.

2. A space with a picture and a number, In this case your being loud and might be in trouble. If you have the card of the same color your safe, if not you have to hit daddy’s alarm clock a specified amount of times. If you dont wake daddy your safe.

Waking Daddy

To wake daddy you have to hit daddy’s alarm clock a specific amount of times. He may or may not wake up. If he does then you

1. Collect the matching card from a player who has it, so if you land there again your safe, and

2. Go all the way back to start.


When you spin a color and there is no more of that specific color between you and the Rainbow Refrigerator you get to move to the rainbow Refrigerator, (because rainbows make up all colors). You Win!!

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