Going to Boston (Dice Game)

Going to Boston is also known in some parts of the world as Newmarket or Yankee Grab. It's a very easy to learn dice game, and to play you just need 3 dice and a number of players.

How to Play

The concept of Going to Boston is pretty simple. You're just going to roll your three dice and take the highest number from each roll. Each time you roll you lose a die. So the first roll is going to be with three dice, the second with two, and the third with a single die. Easy enough, eh? I'll walk you through a practice round below.

Practice Round

Let's say for our practice round of Going to Boston you have two people playing. You're going to go first and the other person is going to follow.

You start off by rolling your three dice. The dice came up as a 6, a 4, and a 2. You keep the highest die (the 6) and roll the other two again. If you end up with two dice as the same number (for instance if you had gotten a 6, 6, 2) you can only keep one of the 6's and you must re-roll the other two dice.

Then you roll again, but only with the lower 2 dice. For this one, you get a 3 and a 1. So you'll take that 3 and add it to your six for a total score of nine.

Finally you roll your last dice. Let's say you get a 5 for this one. You add that 5 to your current score of 9 for a total score of 14. Not a bad score at all! You then hand all three dice to the next player and it's their turn to play.


If you roll the highest total for that turn you won the turn. You keep playing for a number of turns and the player who has won the most turns wins the game.


Though the game may sound simple, that's half the fun. It takes very little to get started and can be played for hours to pass the time.

Another great thing about this game is the ability to change things up. Add as many dice as you like and the rules remain the same. The same applies to players. While you can play with as little as two people, the more people that you play with increases the fun. Just watch out for loaded dice!

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