High Rollers Game Rules

The high rollers game was created by an American game show that was developed in the 1970s. You can still grab a group of family and friends to play this game; you just won’t will a huge game show prize.


All you need to play the high rollers game is 2 dice and possible some paper and a pencil, that’s it.


To play you write down the numbers 1-9 on a sheet of paper. Then you roll your two dice.

After you roll your dice you can use the number or use multiples of it to cross off one of your numbers on the paper. For example if you roll a 6 you can choose to cross off the 6, the 2 & 4, the 5 & 1, or the 1, 2, & 3. As long as the total of the numbers you cross off equals the number you rolled you are good.

You keep rolling until you either get all your numbers crossed off or you roll a “bad roll” in which case you can’t use the number you rolled to help.

If you roll doubles you get to keep that number, plus you get 1 free roll.

Bad Rolls

If you roll a number that will not help you it is a bad roll and your game ends. If you have rolled a double before that you would have 1 more turn to roll again.


Everyone takes turns crossing off their numbers and the one who crosses off the most wins.

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