Munchkin Card Game

The munchkin card game is one of the funnest, yet lesser known card games out there. To play it you need the specialized card deck and 3 or more player (You can play it with two, but it is better with at least 3).

Set Up

All players start as a level 1 human (First one to level 10 wins) with no class. Each player is dealt 2 cards from the Dungeon Draw pile and 2 cards from the Treasure Draw pile.

Play munchkin

There are two decks the Dungeon Draw Pile and the Treasure Draw Pile. When it is your turn you get to fight a monster from the Dungeon Draw pile. Someone other people can volunteer to help you fight the monster but only you will benefit from it.

You flip the 1st card over from the Dungeon Draw Pile; if it is a monster you can fight it. You fight it by adding up your total points and hoping it is higher than the monsters.

Your points are as follows

Your level For instance if you are level 1 you get +1 point. The level of anyone else helping you

Your item cards so if you have body armor that gives you 2 points you add that

The total of all these gives you your total points. If you have a spell card to increase your strength or decrease the monsters strength you can play it here.

If you win you

1. Increase your level by 1 (first to level 10 wins)

2. You may draw a treasure card from the Treasure Draw Pile (the monster card will determine if you draw and how many). If you lose you can

1. Try to run away, To run away you need to roll a 5 or better on a 6 sided dice. If you do you run away and do not receive any extra levels or any treasures.

2. If you don’t roll a 5 or better the “Bad Stuff” happens to you. All monster cards have a section called “bad Stuff” this will explain what happens if you lose.

Sometimes you will not receive a monster, you will get a curse. If you do, you and all players helping you get cured, the card will specify. You may also get a treasure in which case you can keep it and do not go up in level.

Once you fight a monster, get cursed, or get a treasure, you end your turn.

Treasure Cards in munchkin

When you draw from the Treasure Draw pile you will get 1 of 6 cards.

1. Items and Equipment – These items allow you to power up, you can only carry a specific amount of equipment cards, determined by common sense, Ex: You can’t carry 3 swords because you only have 2 hands.

2. Hireling – This card is like a servant, he gives you an extra set of hands, so if you have a hireling you can carry up to 4 swords, ect.

3. Curse – These cards put a cure on any player of your choice, specified by the card.

4. Divine Intervention – This increases your level by 1.

5. A Race – Each race allows you a different specialty, for instance an elf allows you to go up 1 level when you help someone. You can only be 1 race at a time.

6. Half breed – This allows you to be 2 races.

Note: Some of these cards will give you $ for discarding them, if you discard $1000 you can increase your level by 1 point.

Helping others in munchkin

You can choose to help others in this game, or not. But you

MUST decide to help them or not before they draw. There are advantages and disadvantages to this.

Advantages of helping others

1. You can negotiate, for example “I’ll help you for 1 treasure”

Disadvantages of helping

1. If you are unable to defeat the monster the bad stuff happens to you too.

2. If you don’t get a monster but a curse it affects you too.

Helping the monster

If someone is about to win you can equip a monster with an equipment card or play another monster from your hand.


When you lose to a monster with the “Bad Stuff” as dying you lose all your cards and go back to level one.

Winning munchkin

You win when you have reached level 10.


Try to help everyone and ask for treasure in return. It can add up.

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