Operation Board Game

The Operation board game that test kids eye hand coordination and has been around since 1965. To play you only need the board game and your family.

Set up

To set up you need to put the organ pieces inside the patient. Then you distribute the specialist cards.

There are two sets of cards, doctor cards and specialist cards. The specialist cards are dealt out evenly amount everyone in the group.


To play you draw 1 doctor card from the deck. These cards offer you a reward for removing a specific ailment from the patient.

To do this they use a set of twisters connected with wire to the board.

If you are able to remove the ailment without touching the metal sides then you have won the game and receive the points. If you touch the side a buzzing light comes on and the patients noise lights up. This means you lost and the player with the specialist card for that item gets to try for double the points.

Operation Board Game Pieces and points

Adam's Apple: =100 points.

Charley Horse: = 200 points.

Spare Ribs: =150 points.

Funny Bone: bone = 200 points.

Butterflies in the Stomach = 100 points.

Bread Basket: = 100 points.

Wish Bone: =. 300 points.

Water on the Knee: =. 150 points.

Writer's Cramp:=. 200 points.

Broken Heart: =100 points.

The Ankle Bone's Connected to the Knee Bone: =200 points.

Winning the game

Whoever has the most points after all the pieces are removed wins.


The operation game comes from the wire loop electric game which started at fun fairs. Those boards look similar to the way the game does today.

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