Slap Jack

The Slap Jack card game is a very fun game that can be played with a few people and a simple deck of cards. It is also very fun and will have everyone laughing.

There are two versions of this game that can be played.

Version 1

The first way you can play slap jack is simple. First a dealer deals the 52 cards out evenly until they are all gone. Everyone holds their cards face down so that no one, including them knows what cards they have.

Then everyone goes around the table placing their cards face up in the middle of the table. When someone puts a jack down it is game time. The first person to slap the jack is the winner and gets to pick up all of the cards.

If multiple people see the cards and slap it, the person whose hand is on the bottom is the winner. Now they get to pick up the cards.

If you slap the wrong card you will have to give your top card to the person who played that card. This keeps people from just slapping every card that comes around.

If you run out of cards, obviously you cannot go any more. But you can still wait for the jack and slap the jack before anyone else. That’s my favorite part of the game, anyone can come back in, but it can also make the game last a long time.

When one player has all of the cards the game is over and that player has won.

Special Tip

Memory is optional; if a player wins and picks up a large pile they probably have put the Jack on the bottom. When they are on their last card get ready.

Version 2

The British version of slap jack is played differently. In this version you deal your cards evenly throughout the number of players.

The dealer puts the first card in the middle of the table and shouts “Ace” The next player puts a card down and shouts “two” and the next person puts a card down shouts “three” this continues “four” “five”… “Queen” ”King” “Ace” and back to “two”

If the card you put down matches the card you said you have to slap that card. The last person who slaps the card is the loser and has to pick up the whole pile.

If you slap the wrong card you have to pick up the pile.

Finally the person who goes out first is the winner. The person who has all the cards at the end is the loser.

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