Sorry Board Game Rules

The Sorry Board Game is a very fun game to play and can be ideal for playing during family game night.

Set Up

Each player gets 4 pawns of the same color. You put all 4 of your pawns on the start space before you began. Next you shuffle the deck and place it face down on the section called “place pack here”.


In order to play you draw 1 card from the deck. And move according to that card. When you are on start you must draw either 1 or 2 to leave start. If you draw a 1 put your piece to the first space. If you draw a 2 you can move out 2 and draw again.

After your first turn you can draw cards and move forwards or backwards as the cards say. You may also jump over other pawns counting it as 1 space. If you land on the same space as another pawn you move that pawn back to the Start for its color, this is even true if it is your pawn.

Sorry board game Cards

There are 11 different cards

Card 1 allows you to either start a pawn out or move 1 space.

Card 2 allows you to either move out or move two, you can also draw again.

Card 3 lets you Move pawn forward 3 spaces

Card 4 Makes you Move backwards 4 spaces

Card 5 lets you Move forward 5 spaces

Card 7 lets you either move 1 pawn 7 spaces or split up the 7 spaces between two pawns.

Card 8 lets you move 1 pawn forward 8 spaces

Card 10 lets you either move a pawn forward 10 spaces or backwards 1 space.

Card 11 lets you either move forward 11 spaces or switch your pawn with one of your opponents’ pawn.

Card 12 lets you move 1 pawn forward 12 spaces.

Sorry lets you take 1 pawn from your start and move it to a space that one of your opponents pawns occupy. Then you move your opponent’s pawn back.


Any time you land on the triangle part of a sliders you slide all the way to the end of a slider unless it is the same color as your pawn.

The Safety zone is the zone right before your pawns get home. Each color has a safety zone and only that color pawn can go on it. You can’t move backwards onto a safety zone, but you can move backwards out of one.

Winning the Sorry Board Game

The first one to get all of their pawns home wins.

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