Stratego Board Game

The stratego board game is one of the best games to play with two players. It allows you to develop strategy and use your mind a little bit.

Set Up

The board is made up of a number of smaller squares. You can set up your pieces in the first few rows as your opponent does the same.

You want to set up the pieces so that the pictures are facing you and your opponent does not know what each individual piece is.

Playing the stratego Board Game

Red moves first. Both players can move 1 piece at a time either front, back, left, or right. When you come next to a piece you can attack it by moving your piece to the same square as your opponent’s piece.

In this case you both state your rank and whoever has the higher ranked piece wins. The other piece is taken off the board. Your goal is to go into your opponent’s side of the field and capture the flag.


The Marshal is ranked 10

The General is ranked 9

The Colonel is ranked 8

The Major is ranked 7

The Captain is ranked 6

The Lieutenant is ranked 5

The Sergeant is ranked 4

The Miner is ranked 3

The Scout is ranked 2

The Spy is ranked 1

The flag does not have a rank

The Bomb does not have a rank.

Each rank can beat all other ranks below it. The exception is the SPY (1) the spy will be defeated by anyone who attacks it, but if the spy attacks the Marshall the spy will win.


Bombs and flags cannot move. Any piece that attacks a bomb will be destroyed. If a miner attacks a bomb however it defuses it and the bomb is destroyed.


The first player to capture the other player’s flag wins. You also win if you opponent has no more pieces to move.


Try to send out lower pieces first, just to see who your opponent’s pieces are. For instance if you sacrifice a scout and you find your opponent’s Marshall you can start going after the Marshall with your spy.

Also everyone puts their bombs close to their flag. If is a good idea to have a set of bombs lumped in some random area, to throw off your opponent.

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