Caribbean Poker rules and tips

Caribbean poker also known as Caribbean stud is a casino game like blackjack where you are trying to beat the dealer, as opposed to other poker games where you are trying to beat everyone else who is playing.

Set Up

To start this game all players have to make an anti before they receive cards. You also have the ability to bet the $1 as a side bet.

Once everyone has bet the dealers deals everyone 5 cards facedown. 1 of the dealer’s cards is placed face up.


The bet goes around the table clockwise. When it is your turn you can do 1 of 2 things.

1. Fold – in this case you lose both your anti and your side bet.

2. Raise – in this case you raise your anti by exactly twice as much as you originally bet.


When the dealer flips his cards over he must have at least Ace-K high in order to qualify. If he doesn’t all players automatically win. If he has Ace- K or better it comes down to the highest poker hand.

If your hand is better the dealer gives you what you have bet. If your hand is worse the dealer takes what you have bet. And if you have the same hand it is a push and all players take their cards back.

Also if you bet the side $1 pot and you get a royal flush you win a side pot (which can be very big)


From my experience this game really favors the house. But here are a few things I have heard increases your chance of winning.

1. Raise whenever you have a pair or better

2. Fold whenever you have less than a pair

3. Bet the side bet, a friend of a friend of mine used to always play the side bet. The first time he decided to stop he got a royal flush.

4. You can also use this Caribbean poker calculator to give you your odds.

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