5 Great Scavenger Hunt Ideas

Here are some scavenger hunt ideas that you may find useful when planning a hunt. They can help everyone have a fun time.

1. Pick a theme

Scavenger hunts are better when there is a theme attached to them. Try to go all out with it. For example you can go up to the mountains and have a “jungle scavenger hunt” or decorate your house with treasure chests, and swords and have a “pirate scavenger hunt”

Whatever you do, make sure the clues are related to the theme.

2. Have A Picture Hunt

One great thing you can do is have a list of thing people have to take a picture of. For example they might have to get a picture of a pigeon.

3. Different Clues For each team

If you are giving them a clue, which leads to a clue, which leads to a clue,… Which leads to the finish line give each team different clues. This way you don’t have 1 team finding the next clue first and just getting rid of it so no one else can use it.

If you do this make sure that the clues are as equal as possible in difficulty. You don’t want to give 1 team all difficult clues and another team all easy clues.

4. Have a challenge at the end

Have a challenge that the teams have to do at the end in order to win. For example the last scavenger hunt I was in had a Sudoku ending. Ever team that got to the end got a Sudoku puzzle. The team that finished the puzzle first won the whole thing.

5. Give away Prizes

Give away a few prizes to the team that wins. Make sure you ask everyone what kind of prize they want to get, so you get a good idea.

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